Salman Khan could be in trouble, dear he killed was Chinkara

Prosecutors today told Rajasthan High Court in Salman Khan's case that Forensic Science Laboratory team collected blood and hair samples from two places and with this we get to know that Killed dear is Chinkara. Additional Solicitor General KL Thakur told judge Nirmaljit Kaur that FSL team collected blood sample from mud from a place called Ujlia Bhakar. Salman Khan likked a Chinkara in Ujllia in 1998. The team had also collected hair strands from Ghoda Farm in Mathania, around 40 kms of Jodhpur. From the report of the FSL team, Thakur said, 'It clearly mentioned that blood samples and hair strands collected from both the places were of a chinkara, which substantiated the statements of both the prosecution witnesses, Harish Dulani and Goverdhan Singh, about Khan killing the Chinkara at Ujalia Bhakar and then, taking it to the farmhouse for cleaning. Salman Khan has filed a revised petition in the HC against a five-year sentence to him by the Sessions Court. Today was the third day of the prosecution's arguments. Prosecutor will continue his argument tomorrow also, it is expected that Argument will complete tomorrow.