Two Pakistani Artists to participate in Delhi International Film Festival

Whenever there is any activity on the border of India and Pakistan, then directly cultural exchange between both the countries gets affected. After Surgical Strike done by Indian over Pakistan, artists of Pakistan were banned in India. Even after the Surgical strike, Pakistan continously is making attacks on India. Despite this, two Pakistan artists are taking part in 'Fifth Delhi International Film Festival' started in Capital Delhi. Those Pakistani Artists are Actress Meera Ali and Ali Salim aka Begum Nawazish Ali. Fawad Khan approached by a political party in Pakistan Mira is a jury member of cross Border Cinema at 'Delhi International Film Festival. Founder of the Festival, Ram Kishore Paarcha told, 'He has come as a guest. They already had the tickets for the festival. They even got the Visa, we did not know that they were coming. Now if anybody wants to come to the festival, then we cannot say no to him or her.' India opposing Pakistani artists but Pooja Bhatt reached to Lahore for Fashion week Not only this, organizers of the festival very easily put the responsibility on the government of giving the visa to Pakistani Artist. Paarcha told, 'Those who have come, they got the visa when this was not a situation, you get the visa from I&B Ministry. Visa is issued 6 months before and it is given by the government. 6 months before we called them on the basis of Visa, they have bought their own tickets.' You may also like :- Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club