Salman is my very good friend : Lulia Vantur

Lulia Vantur who came from Romania had no connections with Bollywood either but since when she was started calling as Salman Khan's GF, she turned into a celebrity and now she is even a singer. Actually, between the news of her getting married to Salman, Lulia has come to India this time for a purpose, which came out today infront when she met the media. She is in India regarding Himesh Reshammiya Album in which she has sung a song. This song will be launched by Actor Amitabh Bachchan on Monday, but Salman Khan will not be there and now it seems like Lulia is ready to answer all the questions related to her and Salman Khan. Lulia can infron tof media with Salman Khan's car, his driver and his makeup artist. She said over question related to Salman, 'Salman is my good friend. I'm in India because of him. I have known Indian culture. I'm very happy to get a chance to sing with Himesh Reshammiya. I love Bollywood a lot. I see lots of films.' Lulia kept saying and everybody was listening. Now it is expected to tell the further story later about her friendship with Salman. lulia vantur Actually, the way Lulia Vantur got so close to Salman Khan's family, she was always there for special parties of Salman and also in family function, so definitely gossips will be made regarding her and the most wanted bachelor Salman Khan. You may also like :- Salman Khan Upcoming Movies Upcoming Movies 2017