Top 10 songs of 10 years

Bollywood songs are also very important like films story or star cast. To make film more attractive, songs are inserted to it as it grabs the attention of the audience. Every year dozen film and songs are released, but heir are some songs which attracts the audience and rest are sided. There are some songs ,which people have loved like hell. Songs have set a different space in minds and hearts of the people, which can not be replaced by any other things. Songs have captured many things like shops, Clubs, Radio, T.V, Mobile ringtone and even in vehicle horn have songs in it. You must be remembering the super hit song 'Kanta Laga' remix, yes how can u even forgot. That song was for very long time on people mouths. The Title track of the movie Dhoom was also not less. It was as hit as the movie. You also must be remembering Bachchan Family singing 'Kajrare Kajrare', Song by Himesh Reshamiya "Aashiq Banaya Apne". Their popularity was not normal but was historical. These songs are evergreen. Top 10 songs of 10 years :  1-Beedi Jalai le 2-Mauja Hi Mauja 3-Bhootni Ke 4- Dhan Te Nan 5- Munni Badnaam Hui 6-Sadda Haq 7- Fevicol Se 8- Lungi Dance 9- Abhi Tho Party Shuru Hui Hai 10-DJ waley Babu