There are chance to have affair with pope dan not with you : Hrithik Roshan

Recently Hrithik tweeted on his social account that 'There are more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of the (I am sure wonderful)women the media has been naming.Thanks but no thanks.' Let me tell you that few days earlier Kangana Ranaut said silly ex to Hrithik Roshan and after that Hrithik tweeted this, which surely confirms that they both were is relation ship at the time. Kangana said in an interview that 'I am hearing many rumors and a fool also can suggest from where it is coming. I don’t know why the exes are doing this like madly for getting attention. For me the chapter has been closed and I don’t want to reopen them.’ Now Hrithik had tweeted this which already says that they both took breakup and they don't want to share screen together. Let me tell you that this news came in the power when Hrithik denied to working with Kangana Ranaut in Aashiqui 3.