This time AIB comedian Tanmay Bhatt targeted Priyanka Chopra

It seems like Comedain Tamnay Bhatt will never change and will never keep shut, he usually make mockery out of celebrities. This time he has targetted Priyanka Chopra. Tanmay did such tweet on her, that her fans went angry, well Priyanka also give Tanmay solid answer. Few days back one AiB video was released, in which Tanmay Bhatt was seen makign fun of Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar, Lots of controversy was created on it. Many Bollywood people criticised Tanmay, but nothing change is seen in him. so he has again started making fun of others. This time he targeted Priyanka, who is not only famous in Bollywood, but also in Hollywood. Tanmay Wrote, 'When I say Priyanka Chopra's name in my head I now automatically pronounce it like "Priyaaaanka Chopruh".' When Priyanka saw his tweet, then she also gave solid answer, she is never left behind in such things, she says everything openly, topic can be anything, Priyanka tweets, 'I'm supposed to have the accent Tanmay. What happened to you?.' Priyanka wrote it in funny way, After this she again tweets, 'Guys it was a joke. From me and him. Comedy is the smartest form of entertainment.' Well her fans did not write in funny way. Many fans started sayig him wrong things on twitter, some used absurd word for him. After that Tanmay wrote on twitter, 'PC fans, kyu mujhpe chadh rahe ho, it was meant to be a compliment what is wrong with some of you?' You may also know  : Priyanka Chopra Upcoming movies Priyanka character in Baywatch