The one who brings more audience should be given high amount: Salman Khan

Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut are some names that have raised voice against the less fees of the Bollywood actresses. Many male actors were also seen supporting it, but in case of Salman it is a bit different. According to him there should be no discrimination in terms of gender for fees. He told this to Hindustan Times ans considered it as weird. Salman said the real question is who attracts the audience towards the theaters? If this is happening due to the heroine then the producer and the cinema holders is making money. Then the film actress should get huge amount. And if it is done by the hero then he should get. Salman said that there are even cases where the heroines are getting paid less and money is being hugely distributed to the male actors. He said on the other hand there are several male actors who are getting just 3 crore and the heroines are being paid from 5 to 7 crore. He said no one says anything about it. So such type of discussion is just baseless.