American documentary on Nithari incident claims mansion's owner is innocent

10 years one case happened in Noida, UP which shocked everyone in the whole nation in which it was filed that 19 kids including girls were killed ruthlessly. In the investigation, the police found the body parts of the kids in the valley nearby wealthy businessman Mohinder Singh Pandher's mansion. In the same mansion, Pandher's servant Surinder Koli also lived. Now on the whole case, Indian origin American film director Ram Devineni has made a documentary Karma Killings. In which it has claimed that Pandher is totally innocent in the whole serial killing case. The statement of Pandher's servant Surender Koli was registered in front of a magistrate that he has done all the killings and after that, he were cooked and ate some children's body parts. On the base of this statement, he was sentenced to death. On the other hand, Pandher is released on bail and he is also facing some cases on killing. The documentary maker has told that she has lived around 9 months near by Pandher's home and investigated about him and they found nothing wrong about that person. In this documentary, it has shown that the investigation team has doubt of Pandher's involvement in the case but it has said Pandher's son Karanvir is claiming that Pandher was not presented at the home during these incidents. In the last scene, Pandher has seen rounding in the park. Let me tell you that Pandher is living in Chandigarh after the bail.