Kangana Ranaut is facing loss of millions for not attending awards

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan reached to Karan Johar's show Koffee with Karan to promote their film Rangoon. In this show, Kangana discussed almost all the controversial issues related to her. When Karan asked Kangana is she misses the limelight for not attending the awards or feel insecurity. Kangana replied openly on this question of Karan says that she is facing the loss of millions by making the distance from public events, awards, and social media. Kangana said listen, this is not an insecurity, this is the thing about as an actor you visibility. This is the truth that my distance from social media and award shows is giving me a loss. When you don't see in public events then big brands don't give the work to you. Some big, national and international brands make you the face of their brand that you will spend your most of the time on social media. Your popularity on social media is very necessary for you. Kangana further added every year my films songs gets popular and despite that, I don't do stage shows, because of this I have to face the loss of millions. I don't know anything about any fairness cream so no international brand approaches me. I feel very carefully that the award shows are giving me loss everywhere but sometimes to get something valuable you have to face some loss. These days I am doing smart work and working on my principles and only those brands come to me which are agree for my principles.