Terence is unhappy with the films based on Dance in Bollywood

Many kinds of films are made in Bollywood these days, be it be biopic or on Dance based film, but Choreographer Terence Lewis is not happy with the films based on dance. Terence feels that Bollywood films based on Dance has less creativity and are copied from Hollywood film. Terence said, when talks are about technical things, then taking help of western, but copying his whole style is not good. Terence said, 'Bollywood dance films look completely copied from Hollywood. Even the terminology 'Bollywood' sounds like a copy. We can get inspired from the West with their brilliant technology in films, their production values, but why copy the dancing style?' Choreographer appreciated 1986 'Naache Mayuri', which showed Indian dancing style while telling a great story. He said, 'Stories of Hollywood are weak, but production value is great. In our case, both is bad. There is no reality in dancing, there is no story of India and our dance forms. Whatever I have seen till now they have typically copied from Hollywood.' Terence is playing as Judge in Indian version of American dance reality series 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Madhuri Dixit and Bosco Martis are also as Judge.