Parineeti is a good singer : Ayushman Khurana

Actor and singer Ayushman Khurana says that Actress Parineeti Chopra is a good singer. Ayushman-Parineeti will be sen together in the film 'Meri Pyaari Bindu'. When he was asked, how do you see Parineeti as a singer, he said, 'I think she is good level singer. She is very good. She has learned Classical music. She know very much about music.' Ayushman said, when he got to know about the hidden singer in Parineeti, then he was shocked. Parineeti should always sing songs. In her upcoming film, she is playing as singer, where as Ayushman is as writer (Abhimnayu Rai). Based on the last of Kolkata, this film is directed by Akshay Rai and Manish Sharma is producer of the film.