Supreme Court Dismissed the plea against Salman Khan

One Lawyer of Supreme Court alleges that Salman Khan has given 25 crores to get free in the case of Hit and Run Case. Court denied this allegation. After this Salman must be really relaxed. On Monday Supreme court said that allegation that are imposed on Salman Khan are serious but they have no basis. Therefore the petition is dismissed. Supreme Court has said the Bail from High Court was correct. Supreme Court said no one can be sent to jail without Judgement. Supreme Court denied all the petition against Salman Khan. Actually, after Salman was released by High Court, Salman's father Salim said in an statement that we have faced lots of problem because of this. 25-30 crores are been spend in this case. Maharashtra Government filed a petition in Supreme Court against High Court decision. After this Salman said before any Judgement, my opinion should be also listened.