Airlift makes 210% Profit

Airlift has done tremendous work in terms of earning money. This film was released on 22 January and this film is still collecting good amount at the box office. Airlft on it's third week collection 12 crores. Now it is clear that the craze of Airlift is still not down. Futher know, Akshay' film earned how much. Akshay Kumar Airlift has left behind Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan and has made many records. This film is earning good in foreign too, this film has crossed the boundary of 200 crores and it is a superhit film.This film in 3 weeks has collection 12 crores at domestic box office. This film has done the profit of 210% at domestic Box office. Made in 40 crores an has earned 124 crores. This film has shown the profit of 84 crores. Akshay Kumar starrer film Airlift has lest behind Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan's Gajini in terms of life time box office collection. This is now Akshay's second film to earn so much at the Box Office. Holiday collected more than Airlift. This is Akshay's forth film to enter the club of 100 crores. Akshay is very happy with the performance of Akshay Kumar.