Ranbir Kapoor is finding support in these after breakup with Katrina Kaif

Since when Ranbir kapoor and Katrina Kaif broke up, they both are seen quite. Katrina was busy promoting Fitoor, maybe now she is relaxed. But Ranbir has no relaxment. Now a days he is seen close to his parents. If to believe the sources then Ranbir wants to be assured that in difficult times he is with his close ones. After leaving the shared flat, he started staying in a rented flat, now recently got to know that he is thinking of to shift to his parents house. According to one source, Kapoor family is these days are facing changes, Neetu and Rishi Kapoor will shift somewhere else as lots of things are to be renovate in their house. When the renovation will be completed then Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi and Neetu kapoor will shift together. Everyone says that Ranbir Parents never interfered in his and Katrina Kaif relationship. They always gave him freedom to live his life in his own way. According to the source, this news is wrong that they broke up because of his mother. Right now he is finding excuses to be happy. Few days back he has purchased a new car and he is even talking out time for his favourite game Football. Family, Friends and Game are helping to erase his mental stress.