Sunil Grover latest Tweet with his baby Mohan, I did not have a place of hatred in my heart he said

Mumbai: The conflict of Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma is in headlines these days. Several types of speculations are being created about the two. There were too many talks about these two on social media. Meanwhile, Sunil Grover has done a tweet; he has described a lot in gestures. Sunil has written in his tweet that he is overwhelmed by getting so much love for himself. Without love, he has no existence and therefore there is no place for hatred in his heart. He also wrote that he just want to attach with good work and good people who care about him. However, he has written all this while addressing his youngest son Mohan. However, Sunil is still slightly upset over the dispute with Kapil. In this picture, Sunil is showing his hands in the hands of his innocent son. He wrote that he is feeling nervous. In such a way, Sunil gets very much energy from his son Mohan. Sunil writes 'Whenever I look at his innocent face, I find a reason to smile. From this, I feel that there will be a better tomorrow.' Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma's fight for many days is in the headlines. The story reached the position that Kapil Sharma's show will now be closed. But, now there is great news for the fans of Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. It is reported that Sunil Grover is not leaving Kapil's show and in the next episode, he will once again become a famous Gulati, who is going to interact with the audience. According to media reports, despite a fight with Kapil, Sunil is not leaving the show. In the upcoming episodes, Sunil will see the audience laughing. Significantly, Kapil Sharma was traveling on March 16 in the business class of the Melbourne-Delhi flight (AI 309) with his teammates. He was drinking too much and after that, he was scolding badly on his team. In this sequence, he had a lot of action with Sunil Grover. When Kapil Sharma realized his mistake, he also apologized to Sunil on social media. But, Sunil Grover was not in the mood to forgive Kapil this time. From his attitude, it seemed that now he will not return to Kapil Sharma's show! The words of their separate shows also started to fly. In all this, it can be assumed that what is the reason why Sunil Grover is ready to come back to the show again. Explain that the channel has already talked of increasing Sunil's fees. Of course, if Sunil is returning to the show, then he must be returning to his terms! There was news that there has been a fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover and due to this Sunil can leave the show too. On this matter, Kapil Sharma has given a fairly large post on Facebook. Kapil said that there are more important issues in the country than the dispute between me and Sunil, which should be discussed. On this post of Kapil, hundreds of fans have also spit on Kapil. Some said that stardom has risen on Kapil, and then someone said that Sunil is your star in the show.