Akshay Kumar to come back in Welcome Series

Akshay Kumar and Firoz Nadiawala is planing to come together after forgetting all the differences. Film is of hit frenchise 'Welcome-3'. Firoz gave 10 crores signing amount to Akshay Kumar for the films Hera Pheri and Welcome series. When the time came for shoot the film, then Akshay asked for 50 crores for each film. From here only their friendship got effected. Firoz made Welcome Back, but without Akshay he faced many problems. It took him 3 years. Was also costly. Replacing Akshay, John could not give effects like him. However, film earned 100 crores. On the otherside, Akshay also realised that such films gives you larger audience. Informer says that if he would be have been a part of this movie, then this movie would have earned more 30 crores. Firoz has started the next film of Hera Pheri Series and this also getting over budget and shooting is also late. If to believe the sources, 'Akshay Kumar and Firoz are planning to work together again. Unique thing is that, Welcome 3 will be directed by Anees Bazmee. Now Akshay and Anees both are getting agreed for this movie.