Story of Brothers Movie - Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez

Still his old wounds have not heal yet. He has lost both her sons, whom he has left at a young age. The sons have now grown as bad persons. Gary has a lot of troubles with his own life that affects him.
Garry's elder son David (Akshay Kumar) was a fighter but now is a school teacher. He and his wife Jenny (Jacqualine Fernandez) works hard to live an earning. They have a son Pappu who is suffering from a disease.
David due to his financial conditions move to fighting.
Gary's younger son Monty (Siddharth Malhotra) is fed of of his loneliness and is used to drink a lot.
He is active in the world of fighting but has focus somewhere else.
In this continuation "Right to Fight" gets announced in India which is the biggest fights in marshal arts. Both the brothers took part in it, to get the winner price.
Circumstances turn in such a way that they don't even know that they are real brothers and fight against each other.
It is said that when heart breaks it is tough to heal it. So will this last fight heal the wounds of both these brothers?