Know why Aamir Khan denied to work in the biopic of Anna Hazare

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan sometimes became busy that much that he could not do some movies which he wants to do. If Aamir Khan was not busy then you can have seen Aamir Khan playing Anna Hazare on the silver screen. The biopic on Anna Hazare who fought against the corruption has released recently. Actor Shashank Udapurkar in a recent interview said Although I myself has played the role of Anna Hazare but earlier I wanted to take Aamir Khan in the leading role. He further added there were lots of reasons behind it. First of all Aamir Khan was very inspired by the movement by Anna Hazare and he himself also took part in the movement. Second thing is that Aamir Khan's height and physique is almost equal. The third thing is that Aamir Khan always been excited for playing roles like Anna Hazare on screen and this is the reason why he played Mangal Pandey on screen. Shashank told that I wanted to go with this proposal to Aamir Khan but because of his busy schedule it didn't happen. He told we have shown in the film that Anna Hazare who always been against of alcohol himself had consumed alcohol. Anna Hazare who always been against the lie had also said lie once and for that he also attempted suicide. Talking about to the character of Arvind Kejriwal, director and actor said yes there is a character of Arvind Kejriwal but it has only space that show should be given in Anna's life. You may also like :- Check out the trailer of Anna biopic First poster of Anna Biopic with tagline