Shraddha don't stay with her Father, these actor also stays away from family

Varun Dhwan is known as Ideal Son in Bollywood, but recently one news is out that Varun has left his dad house and is shifted with his gf Natasha Dalal. When Dad got to know this, then he talked long with Varun and said, whole family likes Natasha, and want to see both of them tying knot, then Varun changed his mind, well although Varun listened to his parents , but there are many Bollywood celebs who have left their parents house. Shraddha Kapoor has also bought a new house near her dad house. She told that investment was done by his father. She says about new house, 'I am very happy to stay with parents. I have got whole space here, but their routine life gets disturbed because of me. So I have bought a new house. 2 Earlier Ranbir left his father house because he wanted to stay with Katrina Kaif, but after their break up, Ranbir did not return to his father house, but is staying near buy in Wilson Apartment. 3 Alia Bhatt also left his father house situated in Juhu, she has bought a new house near buy, where she was shifted on her Birthday. She stays with her Sister in that house. 5 Shahid Kapoor also bought a flat for himself and now he is staying with his wife Meera, in that flat only. 4 Sonam last years bought a 7000sq Duplex, which cost 30 crores. She shifted in this house, leaving her dad Anil house.