Not only Sunny Leone, these actors have also done 'One Night Stand'

On 6th May, Sunny Leone One Night Stand is releasing. In India, people don't like talking about One Night Stand. But Sunny Leone finds nothing wrong in it. In an interview, she had accepted that she has done One Night Stand. Sunny said, 'I have done One Night Stand. Who doesn't do. If anybody says no then he is a liar. That time I was single, but now I cannot do it, because I have a husband, who loves me lot. Being actor of A-List, still Ranveer Singh has endorsed a condom brand. He tell everything about his personal life to his fans. In an interview he revealed that he has done One Night Stand many time, now he is in relationship with Deepika Padukone. 2 In an interview, Kashmira revealed that me and Krushna fell in love after One Night Stand. Krushna told in an interview that, 'Our love started from Vanity Van. It was Night and then Light went away. Then I asked her now what?, then she asked,' Why, you have do something, after that he fell in love. We had sex first in Vanity Van. 3 Suyash Rai who was seen in Bigg Boss-9 revealed that he has done One Night Stand many times. Once he got 40000, for One Night Stand. 4 In Koffee WIth karan, Emraan Hashmi was asked, what does he miss of his young days, he said, 'One Night Stand'. 5 Sherlin Chopra, who was seen in Kamasutra 3D, once she was searching for no-strings-attach One Night Stand, but I met a passionate lover. But I was not ready for any commitments, so we got separated.