Shakrukh Khan Will Do Cool Car Stunts In 'Dilwale'.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan said that for her next film 'Dilwale', he will be seen in quite cool car stunts. He reported the matter on Twitter. - Sharukh Khan thank the team to shoot well Stents scenes. Sharukh Khan tweeted, "I am doing quite cool car stunts and the team would like to thank who take such a big risk to take shots. There are quite amazing. Dilwale. Earlier Varun Dhawan also share photos on Twitter, in which he had looked set to car stents. - Rohit Shetty in his films are known for putting tremendous stents. 'Dilwale' stents will also get to see for the audience. The film operates in Bulgaria. SRK and Kajol in the film long after evergreen pair will be seen . Earlier was visible along in the 2010 movie 'My Name is Khan'. In 2013 after came "Chennai Express" Shah Rukh and Rohit are working with second time. Kriti Sanon will e seen opposite to Varun Dhawan. Besides this Vinod Khanna, Boman Irani, Kabir Bedi, actor Sanjay Mishra and Varun Sharma are working. The film will be released on December 18.