"Second Hand Husband" - Movie Review 2015

In Punjab films industry to tap into the success of comedy films in Bollywood Sameep Singh directed the Hindi film for the first time near the . Gippi with Grewal 'carry on Jtta,' Lucky the Anlkki Story ',' INS live these problem 'and Dharmendra and Gippi with both double the trouble "has made films like Polivud close packing in the film about the team Punjabi has all the same. - Maybe that's why, feels like that watching a Hindi movie in Punjabi. Govinda's daughter Narmada Ahuja Tina's debut in the film and is the first Hindi film of Gippi Grewal. Being the daughter of superstar Tina had hoped that she did not meet or rather the roll given them was very little room for the acting. Gippi Garewal acting was quite right but his discomfert even stares while soeaking hindi. Geeta Basra acting is appreciated in the film. Our time veteran actor Dharmendra has also not been much successful to lent its magic in the film. In the story of the film the critical issues such as divorce are tried to form as comedy. Rajbeer has divorce to Neha and he wants to marr with Gurpreet Tina. Gurpreet is a lawyer and guide to Rajbeer to avoiding his first wife from alimony. For making second husband Rajbeer have to roll wafer to find her second husband. The films story revolves around. Ajeet is the boss of Rajbeer in the film, who believes in making proffesional relations in personal and everyday intoxicated wine to be arrive home. His wife role played by Rati Agnihotri, who is unhappy with her husband drinking. She decided to get divorce by her husband. Seeing the breaking relationship of both, Rajbeer begins to look his ex-wife husband in Ajit. Films best part is the entry of cricketer Harbhajan Singh Bhajji.