Shahrukh takes u-turn on intolerance, says there is no intolerance in the country

Shahrukh khan before just before one of his movie Dilwale release said that they is no intolerance in the country. Shahrukh in November said that there in Intolerance in the country, for which he had to face lots of criticism. Not only this, eve his film was asked to be boycotted. On Thursday, in an event he said, 'I dont't think that there is intelerance or not. Actually, I was asked that what I want to say to future generation? I was criticize on answering this question. Country's half population is of 25 years. So if I have any advice to give to them, so it should not be differentiated between region, religion, race, colour and gender. Shahrukh said, I did not means that there is intolerance in the country. I don't think so. I am quite clear that everything is going perfect in the country. There is no problem and no one has adopted any intolerance attitude against me so far. On nationalist and Patriotism, Shahrukh said that if nobody could understand my sentiment, then I really regret it.