Mahesh Bhatt started a new show 'Naamkaran'

Mahesh Bhatt is getting a show on a star plus, which name is 'Naam Karan'. During the launching of the show, Mahesh said that may thing related to my life will be shown on this show. There is a news about this show that this is real story of you life. Is it true? Yes, some important points of my life is linked to this show. May such will be seen in this show, which are thrown out of my life and writers have written according to them. But there is something real and something fake in the story, so saying this is wrong, that this is based on real life. Have Alia heard about it ? Yes, I often talk to Alia about my work. When she heard about this show, then she become happy. Pooja is also very excited about this show. Both are waiting for it to get launched. Few days back it was heard that Alia wants to remove Bhatt from her name. What will you say on this? If she wants to then I have no problem. Whatever she feels good in, she can do that, now she has achieved many thing in her life and now she don't need her father's name. Her name is now so big and she can live bravely without her father name. Although she used to whatever She like do. I never questioned her. I call her Atom bomb. She has rocked her career. She has earned in her 22 years, which I was not able to earn in 44 years. She did not take a single penny from me. More than her career, her happiness is important, I know she is happy. She does all her work from heart.