Shahrukh vs Salman: Shahrukh Khan is more richer than Salman Khan!

Shahrukh Khan in controversy because of his statements and his home security has been increased and his very known friend Superstar Salman Khan is also was in controversies because of his criminal cases. Their relation was always a part of discussion. The both worked in film like 'Kuch Kuch Hota hai', Karan Arjun and 'Hum Tumahre hain Sanam' with each other. Despite of their good works and fragility both always remain popular.
Sharukh Khan Salman Khan
Born:-    2nd November 1965 27th December 1965
Family :- Gauri Khan(Wife) and three child Single
Property:-  4,000 crores 1,320 crores
Shahrukh Khan :- "I do not say that I am talented than other people, but it is sure that now I have reached there, where some people are unable to access." SRK said this is an interview in this year, he believed that his brand value in the world is for a Bollywood Superstar and he can do anything to maintain it. Salman Khan :- "My popularity has risen in the last five years. It took a long time to get over twenty years. Stardom receives from fans." Salman said this in his interview and he believed that his stardom is just because of his fans. Salman also uses his popularity for helping others. Many actors and actress are becoming successful because of Salman Khan. Property:- Shahrukh Khan :- Beside Shahrukh only Amitabh has the property like Shahrukh in Bollywood. Shahrukh has the property nearby 60 Million. He is also the owner of an IPL team and a film production company. His wife also has a interior designer business. Salman Khan :- Salman Khan is lagging behind of Shahrukh Khan in terms of wealth creation. His economic issues still see his father Salim Khan. His net worth in 2014 was 20 million. He is the owner of two mumbai based bungalows, 35-acre farmhouse in Panvel and several luxury cars. Know about SRK-Salman's property, popularity, Turning Point and background click on the slides.... 1-number2number 3-number