A Scandall Tralier Out - Johnny Baweja and Manav Kaul

Trailer of Murder Myestry 'A Scandall' has been released. Film has, Romance, Sex, deception, craziness and suspense. Vidhu is naughty, he is selfish and opportunist, In excuse of making documentary, he goes on such mission, where everything unique is going on. Then he gets trap in a scandall, then story starts, which creates fear. Let me tell you, Johnnu Bhaweja is son on producer Trilochan Singh Bhaweja, who made Trinatra. Now people will decide how this film is. Johnny claims that each and every character in the film is strong. https://youtu.be/Cb6jvfLrumk Audience will see Vidhu as Straight forward, Hard heating, bold character. He has no fear in saying truth, this talks are spicy, but that's harsh reality. It is believed that film is based on real incident.