Now KRK attacks PM Narendra Modi

Kamal Rashid khan always creates some or the other controversy to be in news. This time he has targeted PM Narendra Modi, misusing Freedom of Speech, Krk did many tweets over Narendra Modi. In a tweet, he wrote, 'Today Modi Ji said in Qatar, That he will finish corruption soon, so I remember this.' On another tweet, he wrote, 'PM Modi Ji likes Bhaigiri so he has met Obama 9 times during 2 years while our neighbours Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are not happy.' Another tweet, 'I know Modi Ji is totally fail in India but at the sam time he is rocking with his foreign policy. So hope Indian public will undrstand tat.' Modi fans gave amazing replies to KRK, One user said, 'Jab Bhi Muh Kholega, Sala Gobar hi nikalega.' Ashish Shulka wrote, 'To kya ab tujhe PM banna Hai **********'