Sanjay Dutt will come out of jail on 25 February

There is good news for Sanjay Dutt fans. Sunjay Dutt is getting released on 25 February, he was serving punishment for 5 year in Yerwada Jail for keeping AK 56 in the case of Mumbai serial Bomb Blast in 1993. A senior officer told that Sanjay Dutt is coming out 103 day before on 25 February because of in good behaviour in the jail. He was found guilty for keeping weapons illegally for this he was given punishment for 5 years. Sanjay Dutt already spend 18 months in the jail before he was given of Judgement. Supreme Court in 2013 continued this punishment and after that Sanjay Dutt is serving his punishment for 42 months. In December, he was freed for 14 days and have to leave back on 7 January, but he requested the jail officials to extend his date but Jail official denied it. But Actor was given this information on 9 February. Sanjay Dutt was given clean chit on this issue. Home Ministry issued two memo on two officers of Yervada Jail on taken decision late.