Now the war between Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora came in front of everyone

Now the fight between Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan has come in front of everyone and now it is clear that they both are living separately. But the reason didn't come out which became the reason for their separation. Now Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan have indirectly revealed this through social media. With it also has revealed that they both have tried a lot to save their relation. Malaika and Arbaaz were separated in the starting of the year and Malaika started living lonely after leaving Arbaaz's home. That time it looks like that there is something in between both which will solve out soon. But when a report of their divorce came out that time people got shocked. People used to give an example of this loving couple in Bollywood but now their relation is all set to end. Recently Malaika and Arbaaz have posted something on Instagram which shows that nothing is left in between them. Malaika wrote in her post : The more chances you give someone the less respect they will start to have for you. They will begin to ignore the standards that you have set because they will know another chance will always be given. They are not afraid to lose you because they know no matter what you won't walk away. They will get comfortable with depending on your forgiveness. Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting you. It looks like that this post made Arbaaz Khan uncomfortable, he immediately gives the reply of Malaika's post. He posted : I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who was not sorry and accept an apology I never received. You may also like :- Amrita Arora confirmed divorce between Arbaaz and Malaika  Malaika revealed the secret of her figure