Salman's ladylove Lulia Vantur wants to learn Hindi

There is an old saying that love changes the person. So, see an example, Romanian model Lulia Vantur wants to learn Hindi. Yes, you heard correct, for whom Lulia wants to learn Hindi ? You must be knowing that about whom I am talking about. You must be aware of link up news between Salman Khan and Lulia. For him only she wants to learn Hindi. Because whenever Salman says anything then she is not able to understand. Now the biggest question is this, who will make her learn Hindi? Let me tell you, love between Salman and Lulia collected many Bollywood's news. However they have not officially announced it. Lulia was also seen in Salman's Party. Her photo was also revealed with Salman Khan's family. That means Lulia is quite close to his family. There was news that they will soon get engaged. Now what is the reality in their relationship, this is not clear, but you all get ready to hear Lulia is Hindi.