Bollywood actress alleged Film producer for Sexually abusing her

One Bollywood Actress has some allegation, 'Filmmaker Altaf Merchant has destroyed my life. Made me druggiest.' In Bandra Police station, actress noted down a written complaint and said that first Merchant forced her to do drugs, now she got addicted, now on the same filmmaker she has imposed charges of Rape, Physical and Mental harassment, after the complaint filmmaker has filed a petition in the court for the bail, hearing will be done next week. Actress has done many films in Bollywood and Tollywood. According to complaint, she came in contact with Merchant through a friend, first Merchant told her that he has good contacts in Bollywood, he can make her career better, actress said, 'I got trapped in his web, I thought I will get a nice break now and will be a known actress.' When I went to Merchant's flat in 2014, then I saw many youth taking drugs, he asked me to try the drug, try it once. I came in his trap, but I soon realised that he is destroying my life.' Further said, 'At many places he forced me to take drugs, when I used to do drugs, then he used to lock me in the room and then he used to sexually abuse me.' Allegation is that Merchant locked her in a room for 6 months, But once day she escaped from there, she reached Chandigarh to her parents, where her treatment is going. According to her, 'Now I cannot stay without drugs, so I am getting treated. Police arrested Altaf Merchant and is doing investigation of whole case.'