Salman's fans busted on singer Sona Mohapatra, after she tweets against Salman Khan

Singer Sona Mohapatra had to face the anger of Salman's fan, after going against on the statement of Salman 'Raped Women'. Singer said, Salman is accused in many cases,still people respects him. Sona Tweet, 'Women thrashed, people run over, wild life massacred and yet #hero of the nation. ‘Unfair’. India full of such supporters.' Let me tell you, in an interview, when he was asked about the tiring shoot of Sultan, then he compared him with a Rape victim, after that he is criticised. As soons she tweet, Salman's fans started speaking against her in bad word. A fan tweets, 'Sona Mohapatra Publicity k liye tweet kar dia.' Another one wrote, 'Sona Mohapatra who the hell are you to decide on any of the cases? Are you a part of Indian Judiciary System? Let the Judge decide.' Then singer tweets, 'Dear Bhai Chamcha's, You continue to prove my point with every perverted, sick, cheap message you write to me. HaHa.'