Maxim Cover Controversy : Priyanka shared a photo with Armpits to shut the users mouth

After Priyanka Chopra's fan got angry on the cover photo of her for Maxim India Magazine, after that PC has also reacted. Priyanka has shared second photo of her on instagram, in this also her hands are up. She wrote, 'Here is another "pit-stopping" picture to add to the debate.'
User have criticized this popular magazine for photoshop Priyanka's body part. On the photo, Priyanka is holding her hair with her hands.Her Armpit was looking smooth and hair free. PC in this is earning swimsuit and is looking like a plastic. She posted the cover page on her twitter.
Users claimed to photoshop the armpits of PC too much, user tried to post her another pic where her original armpits are there.
Body Image Complainers has said as Unrealistic Beauty Ideals to cover page and has told alarming for young women. Body Image Compainers Leyan Shanks said, 'Chopra's photo is like creating fear. There is something alarming . Body image problem is in whole world.
@chillilemonwine - Priyanka Chopra's armpit in the Maxim cover is so unrealistic.
@MariaCSemple -This magazine majorly photoshopped Priyanka Chopra’s armpit and we have questions: What do you think?
@moukarin -Wish I was as stunning as #PriyankaChopra 's armpit without Photoshop. ‏@MikeSington - Armpit gate! Hottest woman in world also has hottest armpits; or photoshop? World wants to know
‏@Sharmila_NK - Maxim magazine slammed on Twitter for airbrushing armpits
@PerezHilton - #Maxim gets called out for Photoshopping #PriyankaChopra's armpits!!
@Eric42Anderson -#LeaveArmpitsAlone. Amirite @priyankachopra??
@yanizahar - how they edited Priyanka's armpit to be flawless and unrealistic and wow, that is such an expectation of armpit.
@sukidusanj - Who would have thought that one day the world would be talking about @priyankachopra's #armpit. Power to her