Salman Khan should change his portal name in 7 days

Khan Market association has opposed the name of Salman Khan's online portal Legal notice has been send to Salman Khan on this issue. In which he is asked to change the portal name in 7 days. Association says that if Salman Khan fails to do that then we are forced to take legal action against him. A press conference was organised by Association. When the conference was going on, then association spokesperson Dinesh Bali told that he right has got a message which is sent by Salman Khan's secretary Reshma Sethi and for the first time they have thought to think on this issue. This is also written from Salman's side he don't want to hurt anyone sentiment and Business. 'Salman Khan announced this portal on his 50th Birthday i.e on 27 December' ,Said Association President Sanjeev Mehra. I have no problem with this portal, but his market name is used in this portal, which we are against of. President Mehra told that on 3 January Salman Khan was given a letter for changing his portal name but Salman did not respond anything.