Salman Khan got one of the cutest marriage proposal ever!

It has been proved that Salman is the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. Although there were millions of beautiful girls who loves Salman, but in this list the cutest proposal is of Nitya who was seen saying in a video that she wants to marry Salman. Salman would also be happy to see such a cute proposal for marriage. Salman has even shared this video of Nitya on Facebook and Twitter. Nitya's mother has asked several questions to her regarding Salman.Her mother asked if she knows the meaning of marriage? She replied that it is similar to happy birthday. Nitya says that Salman is her husband. When her mother asks that if she has told all this to her father, she replies that no as her father would not be agree on this. She lastly dance on the song of Salman "Munni badnaam hui" in the video. One more video was made viral few time back in which a small girls named Suzi was seen saying that she loves Slaman Khan.