Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma targets Kejriwal after demanding proof of Surgical Strike

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is in trouble after asking proof of Surgical strike from Indian Army. From Road to Socail media he is opposed. Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma also teased Arvind Kejriwal over this issue. Ram Gopal Varma even said Kejriwal as Monkey. Ram Gopal Varma on Wednesday evening did back to back four tweets on Social networking site Twitter. He made fun of Kejriwal in all the tweets. In his first tweet, he said, 'Kejriwal questioning integrity of armed forces proves he's the cross breed between Hanuman's Sugreeva and Musharaf's Shareef'. After that he did one more tweet, 'Armed forces apart from external surgical strikes should do internal surgical strike on anti-nationalist Kejriwal.' He did not stop here, he did another tweet, 'With his muffler cap I always thought he looked like monkey but now after his comments on armed forces I realised that he's truly a monkey.' Ram Gopal in his last tweet says, 'Aap party from now on should be renamed Paap party for P in Pakistan and papa as in sin'. Now Kejriwal is targeted by Ram Gopal Varma. Even ink was thrown on Kejriwal's in Bikaner. Seeing the anger of People, however, Manish Sisodia was seen defending Arvind on his statement. Manish said that Arvind never asked proof from the army. His statement is presented in wrong way. Ram Gopal Varma these days is shooting for film 'Rai'. Vivek Oberoi will be playing the lead role in the film. You may also know : Know how Ramu celebrated Teachers day Bollywood Movies 2017