Salman don't want to see Lulia with someone else

Salman Khan who is trapped in issues, is seen very much active about her love. Love between Salman and Lulia is going more deep. If to believe the news then Salman and Lulia can tied know by end of this year. Salman has made many rules for Lulia. Salman don't want Lulia to work with any Bollywood actor of director. Salman wants Lulia to work with him or work in his production film. Lulia dies TV anchoring in Romania and is hosting many shows. But Lulia cannot take any other project, because she has to stay with Salman only in Mumbai, they both are seen together many times, even Lulia is seen many times with Salman's family. They both were seen in Reception party of Preity Zinta. Let me tell you, Salman Khan is in controversy for his statement of Raped Victim, on this statement, National Women Commission has sent notice to Salman Khan, in which he is asked to apologize in his words within 7 days. Director Anurag kashyap said that It was poor choice of words. And Salman must say sorry. Kangana Raanut said this statement as 'horrible and extremely insensitive'.