I used to wash my cloths in Hollywood : Deepika Padukone

Now Deepika Padukone has both experience (Bollywood & Hollywood). She enjoyed her time in foreign. In an meetign Deepika shared her Hollywood experiences with Nayandeep Rakshit. He asked that soon you are going to debut in Hollywood, how you see it? She said, 'It is like other thinks only of my life. This is not the thing, that I want to achieve. It was normal, I got the offer, I read the script, I loved my love, I thought it will be a amazing experience, It was not like Oh! This is a Hollywood film, so I must do it. You are playing a big role. Yes, earlier also I got Hollywood's film offer, that time I wasn't ready, you have to see many things before doing it. Roles are not big or small, sometimes small roles also teaches you many things. I'm lucky that I got chance to work in Hollywood, it is about the chance' I loved one work there. I used to wash my cloths there. I used to do it seriously. There is such a time schedule, that you will get time to enjoy the weekend, so I did all like Grocery shopping, cooking food, washing cloths. Is there any similarity between Hollywood and Bollywood ? Yes, lot of similarities. I did not found any big difference in both the industry, with this you get to know strength of Indian films, we are developing from fews years, we had independent Producer system, then any studios came, we are toughing women centric film, I had same experience there like here. Did you rent a flat there ? I took one apartment there. When you are far from you home for long period, then you have to do that. I took my Photoframes, Sambhar and Rasam Powder and other spices along with me. This will be the first year that you no film is releasing on Bollywood, must be feeling bad? Yes, but for me XXX is not different from those films, which I have done till now. DIfference is that it is shoot in Foreign completely. I select film seeing it's content, which is Okay for me and my career.