Randeep Misbehaved with Media on the premier of his own film

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda misbehaved with the media during the promotion of his own upcoming film. He did not answer correctly to the reporters. On the premier of Sarbjit, Randeep's cold attitude was seen. Where he did not talked to media properly. Now you must be thinking, what question did reported asked, let me tell you that, question was simple, Randeep would have answers it simply, but he misbehaved with Media. Reporter asked him that in this film, he is over shadowing Aishwarya Rai, so Randeep made him shut without listening his whole question. Randeep did not stopped here, when another reporter asked him that is there any problem going on with Makers. Randeep did not answers this correctly. When the first reported tired knowing the reason, then he had proper debate with him. On such nice occasion, Randeep destroyed the atmosphere.