Ranbir Kapoor's contract renew fees is 20 crores

Ranbir Kapoor team has denied the news, in which it is said that Varun Dhawan has replaced him for a brand endorsement. THis food and Beverages brand was endorsed by Ranbir first. News was due to less fees of Varun, Brand has made a new ambassador and there is a reason of increase in his star value. His last three films were hit. BadlaPur, ABCD -2 and Dilwale did great collection, still he is not compared with Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir team denied the news and has said that contract has been renewed. He will be with this brand till 2018. According to the sources, Ranbir has taken 20 crores fees for this brand, question was not raised on approaching Varun Dhawan, because he is endorsing a rival brand .