Harry Potter's professor Snape is no more, died at 69

British most famous actor Alan Rickman passes away at the age of 69. He was suffering from Cancer. Rickman most famous character was in Harry Potter, he playing the role of a professor Severus Snape. alan1.jpg His Family in an statement said, 'Actor Alan Rickman got dead at 69 because of Cancer. His family and friends were with him. He has not only played in Happy Potter, but had played in Die Hard, Robinhood : Prince of Thieves. alan2.jpg He was known for playing the role of Villain. The most famous character was Trpin Judge in 2007 with Johnny Depp 'Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barbar of Fleet Street, in 1995 'Sense and Sensibility, in 2003 'Love Actually'. His recents films were, Gambit, Lee Danials, The Butler and A little Chaos. He was also active in Politics. His upcoming film is 'I In The Sky'.