Censor Board thinks audience as kid : Soha Ali Khan

Soon Soha Ali will be seen in film '31 October' based on Sikh riot of 1984. Soha believes that this film is Topical in today's situation. Soha said, 'The incident happened that time, but it doesn't means that it is not happening today. Today it is said that one community is only targeted, but it is not like that. This has happened with other. In different different political situation, it happens with different caste people. We are not only showing negative things in this. There is a stain in out history, that we are showing, but there is also a positive story that many Hindus saved many Sikhs life by making making their life risky. This positive message is very special in this political situation. The subject of this film is very sensitive, so was Soha Ali Khan not feeling afraid for getting trapped in any issue? Soha gives answer 'Yes'. Soha said, 'There was a fear, but there is always a fear in my films that I don't get trapped anywhere, because Budget is less or it is female oriented or it is a new producer. This has happened any times. It also happened with 'Rang De Basanti'. This film was stuck for 7-8 months at Censor office, I even thought, will this film be able to release or not. Board first told 40 cuts, but later got certificate after 9 cuts. You feel bad, even feels bad, because people do hard work. But it was performance oriented film and was coming after many days, I also felt bad but what can I do. Then I only promote the film and last day I cut off from the film.' On Censor Board behaviour, Soha said, 'I don't know why Censor Board treat Audience as Kids. As an actor, I'm against Censor Baord. I think, Board should give the certificate that this film is for this age, then rest leave it to the audience that they have to see or not.' You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017