The Rally Movie 2017 Release Date Cast – Mirza, Arshin

Plot - The Story of 'The Rally' movie is about a Rally of Dream, a Rally of Struggle, a Rally of Life, Lust and Love. In the run of success, people tend to become selfish, mean and ruthless, caring for no emotions of others but targeting at one goal and that’s to fulfil your dreams at any cost. In the story the protagonist is on one such mission of making his childhood dream come true, to participate in the Himalayan Rally at any cost and be a winner of it, by any means. In order to achieve his one dream, he goes through many ups and downs and the story encompasses all his challenges and hurdles and how he overcame all of them to be the winner.
Name of the Film The Rally
Producer  Rohit Kumar
Director Deepak N Anand
Star Cast Mirza, Arshin
Genre Action Film
Release Date 8 September 2017
Music Viju Shah
Budget 8 Crore
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