Rajnikant starrer 'Kabali' teaser was seen 40 lakhs time in a day !

Teaser of Superstar Rajnikant's film 'Kabali' was released on Sunday and it has been seen more than 40 lakhs. FIlm based on Tamil Gangsster, this film is on the stage of becoming the most biggest film of South India. In this 67 seconds of Teaser, Audience have been shown the character of Rajnikant in the film. Glassed like John Lennon, Three Piece Suit, Rajni is looking stunning in this look. In the end of the teaser, Rajnikant was shoot during the time of 1970 coming out of a Restaurants and he is shown in different hairstyle and different style. Directed by Pa. Ranjith. Radhika Apte, Kalaiyarasan, Riythvika and Dinesh Ravi are also in the film. https://youtu.be/9mdJV5-eias