Priyanka is coming to India to earn 100 crores in 40 years

If you did not wanted to be like Golden girl Priyanka Chopra, so now you will desire of it. This is been said that after Zero, if anything India has given biggest, then it is Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka tomorrow is coming to India for 40 days. Everybody is thinking that Priyanka will come and will enjoy with her friends in Bandra, but let me tell you that she is completely both for 40 days. Actually, Priyanka is busy shooting for Ads. Let me tell you, Priyanka has signed 24 Endorsement ads, which shooting will be done in next 1.5 months. This is been told that, Priyanka will earn around 100 crores in 40 days. She will be seen in ads of Fruit Beverages, Gold Jewelery House, Premium Airlines, Paan Masala, Virtual Reality Portal. Fruit company is given her 6 crores. So this girl only whats Fun? Obviously.