Priyanka Chopra talked on several issues

From Beauty Contest to Bollywood, now Priyanka Chopra is now in the journey of winning Hollywood. As she got awards for TV show, after she role a negative role in the film Baywatch. This film will be released on 19th March next year. Let me tell you, Priyanka Chopra has done negative roles in Bollywood in her starting career. After that we all have seen her success and same she will be doing in Hollywood. She talked about her success and several issues in an interview to a news channel. Come lets see what did Priyanka said : What is Success : Person is known with his or her last lose and last win, we all want that Journey of success does not end and same I want. If you get Oscar : Then Priyanka said that then her speech would be like - I thank to all those who supported to to get success and I want this to continue. Those people who did not knew my name, Today I am taking this trophy in front of them. i will thank my team and I am happy that my Father will be happy with me.' After reaching Hollywood what? : Right now have to cross many levels. There are many thing to do. See worlds population. This means that I have many great character to play. About Intolerance : There is nothing like that. Just this work has been made as trend. Everyone is giving his or her opinion on this issue. But I think this is the best time to be Indian and we should think of how to make India forward and not talk on such small issues. Need of Male in life : My statement was totally changed. I said that instead of men need, desire his importance and love in you life. Family don't talk about marriage : My family is feminist and we do not believe women success with her marriage or child. Parineeti reduced her weight : This is good. One thing in this world is constant and that is change. If it comes for good thing then it's better, maybe she will like increasing her weight after two years. This is her own decision.