Pratyusha Banerjee alleges molestation by fake cops

Balika Vadhu actor Pratyusha Banerjee has put charges of molesting her by some people, who came to her house as Police. This incident have made her worried a lot. She has registered a complaint in Kandhiwali Police Station. She told, Some people entered my flat and were telling them as Police, but when Pratyusha got a doubt that they are fake people, then she tried to threatened them my saying that she will go to police. Then all of them went from there. She told, those person was asking about her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. She told in FIR that they were 8-10 people and entered my house forcefully and started asking for Rahul, then I told the that Rahul is not here. Then they started touching me, so I also used my hand to safe me' Scene is this that, Rahul has taken a car on loan, and is not playing it's instalments on time. He is in contact with Loan recovery Amit Dalwai and Rahul called him on 31 December for the instalment. Amir has put the charge that Rahul has beaten me than day and he registered a complaint against him. So the people who came to her house may be can be from recovery department.