Salman and me are doing same what we were doing at 25 : Shahrukh khan

Superstar Shahrukh Khan said Film industry even though running because of Star system but the audience selects star through their performances. While asking Shahrukh about star system what he thinks about it, he said 'If there is no star in IPL then nobody will see IPL'. Superstar said, 'Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a star and if he don't perform well three times then everybody starts criticizing him. I think star system is very important otherwise our film will not run in long time.' The 50 year old actor is ready to see again in silver screen through his upcoming film Dilwale and he said, he felt very lucky that he is doing the same romantic roles which he had done in at age of 20. According to Shahrukh, '40 years old actor earlier no else was ab hero. One day I and salman was talking that god smiled on us that we are doing same roles which we were doing at the age of 25 and this is a big thing for us.'