Parents should impact vedic teachings to their kids : Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre Says that not only it's school responsibility to teach your kids about the subject or basic ethics, but it is parents work also that to give their kids vedic teachings. Sonali said, We cannot put all the responsibilities on the schools. What are parents doing? There are some responsibilities that parents should also perform. You should not send you kids to the school as it is a factory. This should not happen. With her book, My experiment with the Gurukul Modern Parenting, 40 years old Sonali said that children are losing their culture in the trend of single family which was previously found in joint family. She said, In Gurukul system of education holistic approach was adopted. This position used to be with Grandfather and grandmother in joint family house. Now we are moving forward to single family, so it's parents responsibility to give their vedic teachings.