Oh so that's why Kareena Kapoor rejected Baadshaho

Now everyone one knows that Kareena Kapoor has rejected Baadshaho and now everyone wants to final the name of Priyanka Chopra. But Karisma Kapoor liked the character of Baadshaho, but nobody could understand why she rejected the film. Well reason is Saif Ali Khan. Saif Ali Khan has also been offer one role in Baadshaho, but he demanded huge fees and director asked him to reduce the fees but he did not do that. So he left the film. Now we say this a true love. Well seeing the graph of Saif's film then he must concentrate on role not on fees. News is this that he is getting less fees than Kangana Ranaut in Rangoon and now this is troubling him. Rejected Baadshaho is a bold step for Kareena.